Electrical Engineering Concentration

The EE concentration requirements include 16 credit hours of EE electives. Any EE course at the 3000 or 4000 level* which is not an already required EE course is an acceptable elective. This provides EE students the flexibility to either acquire a broad knowledge in different EE topics, or to focus on a particular area such as Communications or Power Systems by taking electives associated with those areas. Please, click below to view a list of suggested EE electives.


Electrical Engineering Electives

Not all courses will be offered every semester. Please check WebStar for the up-to-date list of courses. Access WebStar
Power and Energy Systems
 ENEE  3511  Energy Conversion Laboratory
 ENEE  3521  Electric Machinery
 ENEE  3522  Power Systems
 ENEE  3587  Microcomputer Interfacing 
 ENEE  4131  Relability, Availability, Maintenance of Engineering Systems
 ENEE  4522  Power Systems Planning & Design
 ENEE  4533  Digital Control System Design
 ENEE  4534  Process Control Systems
 ENEE  4543  Power Electroncis
* ENEE 3501 does not count as an EE elective
Communication Systems and Signal Processing
 ENEE  3535  Communication System Design
 ENEE  3574  Communication System Design Lab
 ENEE  4533  Digital Control System Design
 ENEE  4535  Intro to Digital Signal Processing
 ENEE  4536  Embedded Multimedia Systems
 ENEE  4544  Radio Frequency Circuit Design
 ENEE  4554  Analog & Digital Filter Design
 ENEE  4562  Engineering Optics
 ENEE  4570  Audio Engineering
 ENEE  4575  Data & Computer Communications
 ENEE  4595  Modern Wireless Communications
* ENEE 3501 does not count as an EE elective