Textbook & Grading


No specific text is required for the course. Manuals, text excerpts, data manuals, including NEC (National Electric Code) handbook will be provided to students or web-refrenced. Other textbooks will be recommended as needed.


Your final grade will greatly depend on the successful completion of the project as defined by the goals at the beginning of the semester. Your final grade will be computed as follows:

Item Percent (%)
Team Work 12
Working project as specified 25
Mid-Semester written report 8
Weekly progress written reports 9
Mid-semester oral reports 8
Monthly oral progress report 8
End-of-semester written report 15
End-of-semester oral report 15
Total 100
Points out of 100 Final Grade
100-91 A
91-82 B
81-82 C
71-65 D
64 or below F