SONET Network Design Capstone Course Sponsor: BellSouth Telecommunications


The student will recommend a network ring design using synchronous optical network (SONET) fiber terminals to meet demand. Four constraints will be used to limit the design and allow for creative solutions to real world problems. The constraints include the fiber facilities available, the demand forecast, a limited budget and the equipment capabilities.

Design Documentation

The primary output from the students will be a description of the network design and a transmission level diagram for each link of the network. The project will be divided into two parts, the first report due at mid-semester followed by a more detailed final report and presentation. The requirements for each phase are listed below.

Mid-semester report

Each student working independently will develop and describe a network design and prepare a transmission level diagram for each link. Students will then be organized into groups where they will decide on an optimal design.

Final report

The final report shall consist of a restatement of the problem, a description of the network design chosen, a transmission level diagram for each link and an evaluation of their design concentrating on how well the design met the constraints. The final design will reflect changes to the constraints, thus requiring creative solutions, finding alternatives and justifying tradeoffs in the design. An oral presentation of the final design will be required.

Hands-on Demonstration

During the semester, the students will assist the BellSouth Transmission Engineer in the turn-up and testing of an actual ring. The student will prepare the options sheet for the chosen fiber terminals, test power levels on the fiber ring, load generic software and perform failure tests to certify the ring "ready for service."

Note: In the event a ring is not available, spare OC3 terminals will be used to simulate a ring and the same tests will be performed.

BellSouth Provided Information

The following will be provided by BellSouth Telecommunications with the data based on actual situations encountered in the field.

A network map showing node locations and quantity of fiber cables between nodes (drawing)

Two-year forecast (Excel spreadsheet)

Pricing tool (Excel spreadsheet)

Equipment capabilities (vendor documentation, class notes and handouts)

BellSouth Sponsors

Robert Rayno, P.E., MSEE
Bill Kish, P.E., BSEE
Brian Hardouin, E.I.T., BSEE