Project Items/Requirements

In general, a project should include:

  • Enough content to be able to be completed by a team of students (minimum of 3.) Preferably, the project should be broad enough to divide different tasks among 2 or more groups of students (with a minimum of 3 students per group.)
  • Clear goals that can be achieved within a semester. The project should be planned, designed, tested, and completed within the timeline of a regular semester (about 15 weeks.)
  • As many interdisciplinary engineering skills as possible with a strong emphasis on electrical/electronic concepts.
  • The use of one or more engineering application software tools such as Matlab, Orcad, etc.
  • An emphasis of current industry design standards for safety, including the implementation of NEC code regulations/guidelines.
  • Current industry standards for testing.
  • An indication to the sponsor of parts and/or software to be contributed to the project by sponsor.
  • Cost analysis/budget considerations, including labor and parts.
  • At least one liaison from the sponsor company who can be available to students during the course of the semester for consultation and/or lectures. Attendance of liaison to final oral presentation at end of semester.

Also, the sponsor is required to:

  • Provide specialized equipment. UNO will provide standard electronic test equipment such as meters and scopes.
  • Present project details to student class during the first or second week of semester.

Weekly, Mid-Semester, and End-of-Semester Requirements


Twice a week — Students assigned to a project are expected to meet with the instructor to discuss their project's progress and/or to attend lectures related to subjects in the project.

Once a week — A written progress report is expected of every group member. This report should be due on the second day of the week on which the class meets. This is an informal (but well-written) report that should include the project's name, student's name, date, group name (if part of a sub-group), and a description of the progress made during the previous week. Student should also include a description of problems or potential problems related to the project. This report should not exceed two pages, unless graphics are included.

Every 2-3 weeks — An informal oral group presentation will be required to inform sponsor and instructor of progress being made and for general project update.


Written individual report — A comprehensive written individual report is required during the middle of the semester. This report should include all details about the project including a timeline for completion. Upon submission of this document the student is required to attend 1 to 2 hour sessions in the Learning Resource Center (LA134) where he/she will be guided on report-writing skills.

Oral group presentation — A comprehensive oral group presentation is required during mid-semester. This presentation will be presented and videotaped at the Media Resource Center so that students can self-critique and practice their presentation skills. Plan to use PowerPoint and/or other similar tools.


A working device or process — as indicated by the project's goals and objectives is required during the week of final classes.

Comprehensive written and oral reports — required at the end of the semester. These reports will be scheduled for the day of scheduled final exam as indicated by the semester bulletin. The final end-of-semester oral presentation is a formal presentation attended by your team members, other invited students, instructor, project sponsors, invited faculty, as well as members of the UNO EE Advisory Board.

A peer evaluation — will be submitted by every student. In this evaluation a member's performance is evaluated by every other member in the team.