Preparation of Final Oral and Written Reports

Read the following information carefully.

Final Written Report (Individual)

Your final report should include:
(Note: This list is not exclusive. You should include any other information that you think may contribute to this report. However, make sure the following sections are clearly defined.)

A cover page that includes the following:

University of New Orleans
Electrical Engineering Department
ENEE-3092 Senior Design Project
Project Title
Your Name
Semester, Year

Purpose of the project — (No more than one page.) Describe the general purpose of the project, indicate the problem(s) to be solved, how it is solved or improved, the final product, etc.

Goals — Indicate the goals of the project. For example: to reduce costs, to develop/improve a new design, to learn new software/hardware tools, etc.

System Specifications — Indicate all inputs and outputs, functions being performed by system and how.

List of Parts — Tabulate any parts used in the design (if applicable.) Indicate manufacturer part number, part description, quantity, etc.

Theory of Operation — Include all pertinent theory, how you arrived to the final specifications and method of operation, why is this final design preferred to others you may have considered, etc.

Hardware Description of the Project — Describe any microcontroller ports used, how and why are they being used, problems encountered, number of ports available, microprocessor architecture (briefly), board layout, etc. Draw or include all schematics including all details of connections you have made to the boards as well as to all peripheral devices. Describe the operation of the device, what happens when the system is turned on? What is the sequence of events, how are parameters calculated, etc.

Software — Include all flowcharts, detailed description of variables and functions used, etc. Include the most recent copy of the code in a 3½" floppy or a CD. Include most recent version of printed code with appropriate comments as part of the appendix.

Costs — Include information on labor and parts costs including savings (if applicable.)

Safety — Detail any safety issues and concerns including use of NEC safety codes.

Summary — Discuss the extent to which the design has been successful and also include information indicating how the design process has been of benefit (or not) to you. What new skills, theory, etc. you have learned and how they will be of benefit (or not) to your career.

Appendix — Include all spec sheets, copy of code, etc. as part of an appendix. Refer the reader to this appendix when necessary.

This final report should not directly concentrate on the aspect(s) of the project you directly worked on. The report should be general enough to include ALL of the stages and design requirements for the entire project.

Your final report should not assume that the reader knows all aspects of the design. You should write this report as a technical paper aimed to a general audience with an engineering/technical background. This means that you should 9in general) discuss all (non-obvious) theory, include schematics, all details of circuit connections, how the system operates, etc. If you feel that "extra" explanations are needed you may include these as part of the appendix.

Remember to check for typos, correct grammar, figure captions, etc.

Final Oral Presentation and Demonstration (Group)

Everyone is responsible for understanding all aspects of how the final device/project operates and the theory behind its operation. During your final presentation you will be asked questions on any of these matters. Be prepared for this presentation. Do not simply read from your notes. This presentation will be videotaped, so dress professionally - no shorts or T-shirts and no tennis shoes. You should make use of PowerPoint (or similar) for this presentation. The use of other tools such as SmartBoard, videoconferencing, and similar tools is also encouraged.

The flow of the presentation should follow logically from one person to the next. Keep the total presentation time from a minimum of 30 minutes to a maximum of 40 minutes. Allow an extra 5 (minimum) to 15 (maximum) minutes for the demonstration of the device.

Note: You will be timed and you will not be allowed to exceed the allocated times.

Your presentation should (in general) follow the format of your final report: purpose of device, theory, design problems and constraints, description of hardware and software operation, etc. Also, include a summary indicating to what extent has the design been successful as well as an explanation of what you have learned from this course including technical, managerial, and/or team skills.