Design of Motor Controller Center for Industrial Facility Sponsor: MS Benbow


The project will provide design of a new motor control center (480), including the specifications for the building, an existing industrial facility manufacturing lubricants.

Description of Facilities

The facility consists of a tank farm with 40 storage tanks, pumps and agitators. A list of the motor loads will be provided. The motors range in size from 10HP to 75HP. The locations of the motor loads is Classified Class 1, Div 2, Group D. The area proposed for the location of the new Motor Control Center is in a non-hazardous location. This will place the new Motor Control Center 150' to 300' from the motors, with the distance to the various control points being 150' to 1000'. The area is not subject to flooding.

Operation of the various pumps will be from several locations for the purpose of transferring various base oils and additives to manufacturing sites located around the facility. The client prefers that the control of the motors be through the use of a Programmable Logic Controller that will be accessible via the facility LAN. The preferred manufacturer is Allen Bradley. A 13.8kv feeder serves the facility from Entergy, which feeds several existing 480v substations. Sufficient capacity is believed to be available from the existing T-5 substation (2250kva). Emergency shutdown of all pumps is required from several locations.


The design project will deliver the following:

  1. Conceptual Design
  2. Proposed Design Schedule
  3. Design Package:
    • Equipment Location Plan(s)
    • Area Classification Plan(s)
    • One-Line Diagram(s)
    • Elementary Wiring Diagram(s)
    • MCC Building Plan
    • MCC Building Equipment Arrangement
    • MCC Building Power/Lighting Plan=20
  4. Specifications:
    • Motor Control Center
    • MCC Building
  5. Calculations:
    • Fault calculations
    • Voltage drop calculations
  6. PLC Equipment List
  7. PLC Program Listing
  8. Bill of Materials=20
  9. Equipment and Material Cost Estimate

Once the Conceptual Design and Design Schedule are approved, the deliverables are to be presented for review at the 25%, 50%, 75% and 100% completion milestones. In addition, the final design is to be delivered as a presentation to the client's engineers. The use of a written project design summary as well as visual aids during this presentation may be helpful.

Design Requirements

The design must be in accordance with the latest National Electric Code and National Electric Safety Code. The installation must be designed with cost-effective installation and operation in mind, and in compliance with the client performance requirements. All drawings are to be approximately 22" x 34" and are to be reproducible. All documents are to be prepared in MS Word version 6.0 or later.