Electrical Engineering Advisory Council

The Advisory Council is a group of industry executives who are either engineers or have an interest in the engineering profession. They foster direct professional communication between industry, engineering firms, government agencies, and UNO's College of Engineering. This unique collaboration between faculty and industry serves to strengthen the College of Engineering.

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The EE Advisory Board is intended to provide a mechanism for Department Leaders and Industry Representatives to collaborate on issues of importance to the Department. This includes direct support for the EE Department Mission by:

  1. Ensuring the mission is appropriate both from an institution and industry view.
  2. Providing the department access to effective industry techniques, process and expertise.
  3. Ensuring that students are as prepared as possible for careers in industry.
  4. Supporting departmental accreditation and certification efforts.
  5. Validating that processes are in place to ensure the mission remains current and relevant.



Board members are asked to attend and actively participate in Board meetings approximately every other month. Meetings are generally scheduled for approximately one hour and there are often requests for members to take on action items requiring effort outside the meeting schedule. Since all of the Board members typically have full time responsibilities, there will be occasions when members may not be able to attend Board meetings. In these situations, members can elect to send a representative or an alternate familiar with Board activities and responsibilities.

Division of Membership

The Board membership will typically include the EE Department Chair, one to two ad hoc members of the EE department, a non-voting IEEE Student Chapter representative and 8-10 industry representatives. An industry representative generally serves as the Chairman of the Advisory Board for a term of 2 years. The Chairman is responsible for meeting schedules and logistics, publishing meeting minutes and tracking action items, maintenance of the Advisory Board handbook and other activities in support of the Board's Mission.


  1. Assist the EE Department in maintaining a general focus on design courses in the EE program. In particular, assist in developing and sponsoring industry related senior design (CAPSTONE) courses during each semester.
  2. Assist the EE department in the implementation of a Computer Engineering (CpE) concentration as part of the EE program.
  3. Participate in industry surveys to ensure that the EE program remains aligned with the needs of regional industries.
  4. Provide advice and oversight related to the processes of continually reviewing the EE program to ensure it remains aligned with the needs of the students, industry and the community.
  5. Participate in the assessment of equipment used to support laboratory and other courses. Where appropriate, advise or assist in the provisioning of equipment needed to address and identified improvement opportunities.

 Advisory Council Members

Dr. Anwer Bashi, Council Chair

Entronix provides enterprise level, real-time monitoring of power, water, gas, and IoT sensors. Within the Entronix platform, this data is used for measurement and verification, performance tracking, real-time alarming and fault-detection, advanced data visualization, and analytics.

Mr. Stephen D. Bourg

Crescent Consultants

Dr. Edit Bourgeois

Electrical Engineering University of New Orleans, Professor

Mr. Bobby Chandler

Penta Corporation
Penta Corporation is an ISO9001:2008 certified manufacturer of technology solutions for Transportation, Public Safety, Utility, and Government sectors for over 35 years.Penta provides ADA compliant voice and visual announcement systems and software, IP Based integrated dispatch systems and communications consoles, transit announcement controller products, radio interconnects, interoperability controllers, and custom software and communications products.

Dr. Dimitrios Charalampidis    

Electrical Engineering, Univ. of New Orleans, Professor/Department Chair

Mr. Darryl d’Aquin

CommTech Industries

Mr. Garrett P. Fried

Waldemar S. Nelson and Company, Inc.
Waldemar S. Nelson and Company (NELSON) is a multi-discipline design and project management consultancy serving a wide range of industrial, commercial and governmental clients across the U.S.A., and at selective international sites. Ranked #176 out of the top 500 U. S. Design Firms and #144 out of the top 200 International Design Firms (both based on annual billings for 2009), NELSON is deeply committed to providing high quality professional services to our clients. NELSON supports continuing education and involvement in the industries we serve. Our staff is encouraged to participate in monthly meetings of various technical societies, which continually enhances their skills, and often serves as leaders in these organizations. Our more senior staff is supported in their participation on the committees that write, up-date and improve the codes and standards which govern the technology we apply to our projects. By working with our clients, fellow engineers, architects and scientists, we stay at the leading edge of our profession while at the same time contributing to the advancement of the technology and the regulations which govern much of our work product.

Mr. David Gravseth

SPAWAR Systems Center (SSC)
SPAWAR Systems Center (SSC) Atlantic makes IT count for the warfighter and the nation. SSC Atlantic develops, acquires and provides life-cycle support for Command, Control, Communications, Computer, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (C4ISR) systems, IT systems, and Space Systems. The SSC Atlantic team rapidly delivers and supports solutions that enable information dominance for naval, joint, national and coalition warfighters. SSC Atlantic's main campus is located in Charleston, S.C., with additional major locations in New Orleans, La.; and Tidewater, Va. Other stateside offices are located in Washington, D.C.; and in Tampa, Fla.; and overseas locations are in Europe, the Middle East and Antarctica."

Mr. Doug Mader

Entergy Services, Inc.

Ms. Bonnie Mancuso


Mr. Robert Mejia, P.E.

Marrero, Couvillon & Associates
Marrero, Couvillon & Associates, LLC (MCA) is a mechanical, electrical, and plumbing design engineering firm founded in 1968. MCA routinely provides professional engineering services to clients directly and as consultants to Architects and other engineering firms. We place a high level of importance on project management and the technical quality of our work. All projects are carefully administered by project managers throughout all stages of production. Multi-discipline work is subject to on-going coordination, and technical reviews are routinely performed to ensure quality. The firm strives for high levels of principal involvement, personal attention, and systematic approach to design service. Sound business practices and on-going relationships are the backbone of this organization and the substance of stability, growth and over four decades of service.

Mr. Riley Parker, P.E.

Shell Exploration and Production Company
Shell Exploration and Production Company focuses on exploring for new oil and gas reserves and developing major projects where our technology and know-how adds value to the resource holders.

Mr. Gregory Williamson

IEEE UNO Student Branch Chair

Mr. Kenneth M. Wright, P.E.

MS Benbow and Associates