Words of Appreciation

Established in 1956, University of New Orleans MBA & Health Care Programs is a trusted name in business education. We have produced several leaders and successful entrepreneurs. Many of our students have sent us their words of appreciation about our MBA and MHCM programs. Please read their testimonials.

Jim Stodd and UNO, please keep offering this type of certification, it is important to anyone interested in HR or even if they just want to understand their companies’ organization and practices.

Kelly Lotz

The Certificate Program in Human Capital Management offered an excellent course structure for working adult learners, allowing us to attend infrequent but robust nighttime courses.

Tracy Clanton

In my experience the EMBA program at UNO was an amazing learning experience. I was amazed at how close-knit the classes were and going to class was almost like a social event where we shared our experiences as we went through current events. One of the most valuable experiences was my interactions with professors that really challenged me. I recommend the course to anyone looking to develop a deeper understanding of the business world.

John Credeur - Class of 2014

As a result of completing my MBA, I am pursing career paths that would not have been achievable without the MBA degree and the help from the staff and faculty of UNO.

Abraham Baber – Class of 2013

I enrolled in the University of New Orleans EMBA program after 17 years in business. I have owned my own businesses, and have been lucky enough to work for some of the largest and most successful companies in the world. I made the commitment for one major reason: I never want to be caught in a business meeting, where I do not understand what is being discussed. I do not need to be specialist on every business topic; however, I need to know when something needs further attention. The EMBA program has given me the awareness to do so. My UNO experience is truly career changing.

Arthur Deutcsh – Class of 2013