Master's of Science in Healthcare Management
Traditional Track

Career health care professionals who want to improve their prospects for advancement, network with other health care professionals, and improve their understanding of this dynamic industry can study business fundamentals in the health care industry. This program is designed to prepare health care professionals to prosper in the 21st century. The curriculum provides students with a unique blend of knowledge that bridges the world of health care and the world of finance, marketing, accounting, and management.
The objective of this advanced training is to enable graduate students to manage more effectively at a managerial or executive level in both public and private health care settings. This interdisciplinary program involves faculty from the College of Business Administration of the University of New Orleans, the Louisiana State University Health Science Center-New Orleans, and lecturers from the health care field.

Program Benefits

  • Acquire skills necessary to prosper in the increasingly competitive health care field
  • A highly focused program
  • All evening courses
  • Short-time commitment
  • Affordable state university tuition
  • Focused emphasis on business practices in public and private health-care settings
  • Excellent networking benefits

Master of Science in Health Care Management Curricculum

Our Master of Science in Health Care Management Program delivers a high-quality, high-value education. The MS-HCM Program consists of 33 credit hours: 11 courses.

Elective credit will be given to students required to take BA 6014. BA 6014 is required for students with a non-business undergraduate degree who have not had previous course work in accounting and finance.

Please note that while the web site provides an excellent overview, you should get the very latest information on graduate programs by reading the Graduate Programs Newsletter or contacting the MS-HCM Advisors at
(504)280-3215 or

For more information about our MS-HCM, please contact the advisors or the MS-HCM Director.

Curriculum Summary
The objective of the course work in the program is to survey the general business principles and practical implications then connect those principles and practical implications to health care settings.

The Core Courses are:

  • ACCT 6131 – Accounting in Health Care Settings
  • ECON 6250 – Health Care Economics
  • BA 6010 – Health Care Management
  • EDHS 5111 Epidemiology (UNO)
  • MKT 6536 – Strategic Marketing Decisions for HC Management
  • BA 6012 – Culture & Behavior in Health Care Settings
  • FIN 6350 – Health Care Financial Management
  • BA 6015 – Health Care Law and Ethics
  • BA 6013 – Strategic Management of Health Care Organizations
  • 2 Approved Electives**

**The balance of 6 credit hours or 2 courses will be taken from approved electives at UNO.
You should verify that you have the latest information by contacting the MS-HCM office. Information on the web is meant to provide an overview and is subject to change.