Marketing Careers & Internships

The Current Climate of the Job Market for Marketing Majors

There's good news for the classes of 2013-2014! Employers anticipate hiring 13% more 2013 college graduates than they did in 2012.

  • A full one-third (33.3%) of Advertising and Marketing Executives plan to fill design or marketing positions in 2013
  •  Agencies are hiring more actively than brands (51% v. 32.8%)
  •  Midsize agencies are doing the most hiring
  • The intersection of technology and marketing will produce the most jobs in the field of Marketing in 2013

What Employers Want in Their Employees

Tech Savvy | 'Big Data' Analysts | Stellar Communicators







The Return on Investment (ROI) on a Marketing Degree

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Tuition costs really add up. See how long it would take students to pay off their student loans if they chose careers based on their degrees.

Internship Program Details

Download the Marketing and Logistics Department Internships Program Overview (pdf)

View and print a five-page overview of the Marketing and Logistics Department Internship Program. Details include: course information value of an internship objectives enrollment requirements application and employment rules individuals involved, their roles and responsibilities compensation frequently asked questions and contact information. View and print a one-page handout of the student's responsibilities to UNO and to the intern employer.