Work Experience

The work experience requirement of the Hotel, Restaurant, and Tourism Administration programs has three main objectives:

  • Introduce students to possible future employers and organizations.
  • Assist students in transitioning from college to work.
  • Ensure that students are exposed to the operational requirements of industry employers.

Undergraduate Requirements

All undergraduate students must complete 600 hours of approved paid work experience in a business that is part of the hospitality and tourism industry in order to graduate with a B.S. in Hotel, Restaurant, and Tourism Administration.

HRT 3002 Work Experience Course Outline
HRT 3002 Work Experience Form

Graduate Requirements

The graduate work experience course consists of 400 hours of paid work experience approved in advance by the Graduate Coordinator of the Master of Science program. Formal enrollment must take place no later than the second semester of enrollment in the graduate program. The required hours must be completed over the remaining semesters that the student is enrolled prior to graduation.

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