Executive Online Tuition & Fees

Hospitality convention

Tomorrow Begins Here

You've established yourself in the hospitality industry and are now ready for the next level. To accommodate your busy professional life, we've tailored our online program to provide quality education without interrupting your daily work responsibilities.

We walk you through the application process, registration, course access, and other administrative details, so you can concentrate on what's important - your education.

Program Costs

You can divide the cost of our program into 3 easy installments. 

 Semester Amount 
 Spring (January)  $10,999.92
 Summer (June)  $5,500.16
 Fall (August)  $10,999.92

Financial Aid

Online students have the same access to Financial Aid as all other students at the University of New Orleans. Financial Aid is available to qualified applicants and information may be obtained by contacting the Office of Financial Aid. Please note that students are required to maintain satisfactory academic progress (SAP) in order to receive student Financial Aid. A 3.0 grade point average and adequate percentage completion during the program is required in order for Financial Aid funds to be disbursed.

For students not eligible for Financial Aid, private student loans may be available from the University of New Orleans Federal Credit Union, an on campus financial institution that serves the UNO community. For more information please contact our department