M.S. Executive Online Hotel & Tourism Management

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For Determined Executives

Our Executive Online program is customized to fit the distinct needs of professionals already working in the hospitality and tourism industry. You've worked hard, and you're ready to advance to the next level in your career. In our Executive Online program, we act as the conduit, connecting you to opportunity, and the catalyst that sparks your ideas into action. 

In our program, you'll engage in a condensed 12-month online curriculum that consists of 10 classes. You'll enhance your problem-solving and decision-making skills while conducting exciting research that propels the industry forward. This is a program of action taught by experienced faculty who know you need our classrooms to be directly applicable to your daily experience. 

Program Time Line

You'll take five 8-week sessions in one year.  A potential timeline is presented below for a tentative program that begins in January with completion projected for December of the same year.

Spring Semester (4 courses; 12 credits)
Session One (January-March)
HRT 6001 Survey of the Hospitality and Tourism Industry
HRT 6495 Special Topics in Hospitality and Tourism Management

Session Two (March-May)
HRT 6203 Marketing Applications for the Hospitality and Tourism Industry
HRT 6300 Hospitality and Tourism Finance and Revenue Management

Summer Semester (2 courses; 6 credits)
Session Three (June-July)
HRT 6250 Tourism Destination Development
HRT 6102 Technology for Hospitality and Tourism Management

Fall Semester (4 courses; 12 credits)
Session Four (August-October)
HRT 6200 Hospitality and Tourism Operations Analysis
HRT 6205 Change Management for Hospitality and Tourism

Session Five (October-December)
HRT 6202 Hospitality and Tourism Research Methods
HRT 6301 Hospitality and Tourism Industry Strategic Management