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Metropolitan Report

The UNO Metropolitan Report is a quarterly publication containing the analysis of recent trends and the short term outlook for the New Orleans metro area

Research Centers

The Division of Business and Economic Research (DBER) provides a wide range of research-related services to businesses, government agencies, media, nonprofit organizations, and concerned individuals.

Principally known for its economic analysis and forecasts, the DBER has also conducted research studies on a number of other important issues. Examples of such work include visitor profiles, forecast of tourism indicators, customer satisfaction surveys, economic impact studies and analysis of casino gambling impacts. 

The Hospitality Research Center

The Hospitality Research Center at the University of New Orleans is a collaborative effort of the DBER and the School of Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism Administration (HRT). Its function is to provide a variety of research services to hospitality, travel and tourism organizations.

The DBER provides statistical information from local, state, and federal governments and private sector sources. For information not covered within the DBER's vast data collection, a referral service is offered to link data users to the appropriate sources.

The DBER provides customized research services to organizations to facilitate strategic planning/problem solving efforts. A partial list of research topics in which the DBER has experience is included on the research page of this web site.

The DBER publishes numerous periodicals containing statistical information, economic analysis and forecasts, and applied research topics.