Become an Internship Partner

  • To become a "Potential" L.I.F.E. Internship Partner, the company will required to complete an UNO College of Business Internship Description Form and email request to Enjilee Dunn .The form will be reviewed by the appropriate Internship Faculty Advisor to determine if the internship responsibilities are appropriate for academic internship credit.
  • Results of the review will be communicated via email to the company
  • Approved Partners will receive an E-Packet of student resumes that have satisfied the academic requirements to participate in an internship program.
  • The Internship Partner is responsible for the following:
    a. Interviewing and selecting the Interns
    b. Contacting the Internship Program ( to provide name of students selected for employment and the intern start date
    c. Completing an evaluation at the end of the semester which will be provided by the Internship Faculty Advisor