Internship for Academic Credit

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Deadlines for Academic Credit

Below are the final deadlines for a student to apply for an internship to receive academic credit.

  • Fall: July 15th
  • Spring: November 1st
  • Summer: March 15th
  • Students that have secured a "potential" internship opportunity on their own must ensure that they meet internship eligibility guidelines.
    View internship eligibility
  • Students that are currently employed may be able to receive internship credit for participating in an internship with his/her current employer. The employer is required to complete the Internship Description Form for Current Employee and email it to the Internship Coordinator. The form is used to review the student’s current responsibilities as an employee and the internship responsibilities. The current employee responsibilities and internship responsibilities must be significantly different.

    Download the Internship Description Form
  • Students who are not currently employed must have the prospective supervisor fill out the Internship Description Form. This form will be reviewed by the internship faculty advisor to determine if the internship duties are consistent with the academic component of the course.
    Download the Internship Description form - prospective employer
  1. Review the eligibility requirements
  2. If eligible, fill out an internship application

    Undergraduate Application
    Graduate Application
  3. E-mail your application and a one page resume to

Once your eligibility status to participate in the program has been determined, you will be notified via email.