Becoming an Internship Partner

The Process

  1. Complete an Internship Job Description Form and email it to the Internship Coordinator the semester prior to the prospective internship. The form will be reviewed by the appropriate Faculty Internship Advisor to determine if the internship responsibilities are appropriate for academic internship credit. (Deadlines to submit Internship Description Forms are: April 15th for Summer; July 15th for Fall and November 15th for Spring).
    Download the Internship Description Form
  2. Students that are currently employed may be able to receive internship credit with his/her current employer. The employer is required to complete the Internship Description Form for Current Employee and email it to the Internship Coordinator. The form is used to review the student’s current responsibilities and internship responsibilities. The current employee responsibilities and internship responsibilities must be significantly different.
    Download the Internship Description Form for Current Employee
  3. Each Internship Candidates' internship application and resume will be screened by the College for internship participation eligibility.
  4. Internship Applications and resumes that have satisfied the academic requirements to participate in an internship will be forwarded to the Partnering Company prior to the start of the internship semester via email in an e-Packet.
  5. The Internship Partner is responsible for interviewing and selecting the Intern and completing an evaluation provided by the Internship Faculty Advisor.