Finance Class Sequence & Course Offerings

Class Sequence for Finance Majors

Note:The student may take either FIN 3392 or FIN 4391, if approved by the department, in place of one of the required courses.

Four Year Degree Plan

Course Offerings

Please note: Course offerings are subject to change depending on factors such as the availability of faculty, sufficient enrollment, budget constraints, etc.

Course Number Fall Spring Summer
2302 Y Y  
2335   Y  
3300 Y Y Y
3301 Y    
3302 Y Y Y
3303   Y  
3321 Y    
4304 Y Y Y
4307 Y    
4308   Y  
4306 Y   Y
4310 Y    
4311 Y    

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Course Information

Not all courses are offered every semester. To see a list of current courses, please see our online catalog.