Undergraduate Finance

UndergraduateThe department offers a Bachelor of Science Degree in Finance with concentrations in Financial Service Administration, Financial Analyst, Financial Planning, or Real Estate that allow students to specialize their degree.

Read the Finance Curriculum Sheet for information about required courses.

Download a copy of the Finance (B.S.) Four Year Academic Flowchart in the resources on the Undergraduate Counseling web page.

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Concentrations for Finance Majors

In all cases a minimum grade of "C" is required in each course selected. Students are required to follow all prerequisites for each course. Check the finance course catalog for more information.

Financial Planning

The concentration requires three elective courses:

  • FIN 4310 (Personal Finance)
  • FIN 4311 (Insurance Planning and Risk Management)
  • FIN 4312 (Retirement Planning)

Financial Services Administration

The concentration requires four elective courses:

  • FIN 3303 (Financial Institutions)
  • FIN 3321 (Bank Administration)
  • FIN 4222 (Money and Capital Markets)
  • FIN 4322 (Cash and Liquidity Management)

Financial Analyst

The concentration requires three elective courses:

  • FIN 4307 (Portfolio Analysis)
  • FIN 4308 (Derivatives Analysis)
  • FIN 4309 (International Finance).

Real Estate

The concentration requires three elective courses:

  • FIN 2335
  • FIN 3366
  • FIN 3368
  • FIN 3392 or FIN 4391 may be used in place of a required
    concentration course with the consent of the Finance Department.