Arja Turunen-Red

Arja Turunen-Red, Ph. D
Professor of Economics
Phone: (504) 280-6912
Office: KH 423
Professor of Economics
Ph.D., British Columbia, 1985

At UNO since 1994 Dr. Turunen-Red's research interests include international trade theory (especially unilateral and multilateral policy reform), social choice theory (extensions of Harsanyi's social aggregation theorem) and economic growth and growth cycles in open economies. Dr. Turunen-Red has published articles in Econometrica, Journal of International Economics, International Economic Review, Journal of Public Economic and other journals. She is a member of the editorial board of the Journal of International Trade and Economic Development. In her spare time, Dr. Turunen-Red tends her orchids. Office: BA 312
Phone: (504) 280-6912

International Trade
Mathematical Economics