Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Counseling hours?

Counseling hours are posted on the Undergraduate Counseling Page.

Is it too late to drop a class?

All important dates for each semester are listed in the semester course bulletin on the website.

Why can’t I register for or drop classes?

Students must check if they have a hold on their Webstar account. The hold must be removed before any alterations to the schedule. To remove a hold, students need to contact the office that originally placed the hold. Student should also look at your registration date. Students are given a date for when they can begin registering for a term. In cases for dropping a class, check to see if the drop date has passed.

Do I have to take the English Placement Test?

If you do not have credit in College English, then you must take the placement test. The test determines the first english class that the student will need to take at UNO.

Can I take an English course if I am a first time freshman and I missed the English Placement Test?

No. You must wait until you have taken the placement exam to take an English class.

Do I have to take the Math Placement Test?

All new students or transfer students without credit in mathematics will be placed into the appropriate UNO mathematics course according to their ACT or SAT Math scores. Students who do not have either ACT or SAT scores must take the Math Placement Test to determine their placement.

Do I have another option if I was placed in remedial math?

If you were placed in remedial math and want to take an upper level math then you must take the math placement test and place in an upper level math.

Must I attend New Student Orientation?

Yes, all first time freshmen and transfer students must attend orientation.

What do I do if I am about to graduate and a required course is not offered in the semester I need it?

Students will need to consult with the Chair of the department who is offering the course or your major department, depending on the situation.

What is a grade suspension (repeat/delete)?

A grade suspension is when you retake a class at UNO and get the previous UNO grade replaced with the new grade. You can only repeat courses that are 2000 or 1000 level and that you received a letter grade of “D” or lower. A course can only be suspended once and a student may only suspend a maximum of three courses altogether. The repeated course must be taken before a student has earned 60 hours (before a student becomes a junior). You may come into the College Office for required forms and the listing of qualifications.

Can I be enrolled at two universities at the same time?

Students may cross-enroll between the University New Orleans and SUNO, Delgado, or Nunez by filling out paperwork with the counselor. Students must do this prior to the last 30 hours of their degree. Course selection is limited to courses not being offered at UNO. Check with the College Office Staff for course limitations and approval.

When I come for counseling, what do I need to bring with me?

Transfer students should bring unofficial transcripts. Continuing UNO business students should bring any curriculum sheet previously updated by a College Counselor. All students should come prepared with questions so the student and the Counselor can discuss them.

What is a business elective?

In general, a business elective is any course offered by the College of Business that is not listed or required in the curriculum. Check your curriculum sheet for any limitations.

What is a social science elective?

A social science elective is any class that is offered by the following departments:

  • Anthropology
  • Geography
  • Political Sciences
  • Psychology
  • Sociology
What is a Humanities elective?

A Humanities elective is any class that is offered by the following departments:

  • Fine Arts
  • Film, Theatre and Communication Arts
  • Music
  • History
  • Philosophy
  • English
  • all Foreign Languages
Is Sign Language considered a Foreign Language?

No. It is considered a non-business elective.

Can I get a “D” in a required course?

Yes. But a “C” is required for ENGL 1158 and MATH 1115. Accounting and Finance majors must get a “C” or better in ACCT 2100 and ACCT 3121. Accounting majors must also get a “C” or better in ACCT 3122. Management and Marketing majors must get a “C” or better in each of their major courses. For graduation purposes, a student must
have a 2.0 or better in the following 5 categories:

  1. Overall GPA
  2. UNO GPA
  3. Business GPA
  4. Major GPA
  5. Major at UNO GPA.
Which catalog year curriculum should I use?

The student should follow the catalog year in place when they began attending UNO or any catalog thereafter as long as there is no break of enrollment greater than 5 years.

Where do I find information concerning internships?

The L.I.F.E. Internship web site has all the information you need to know more about available opportunities.

Where do I find information concerning scholarships?

See financial Aid or your major Department. The College of Business does not have applications for scholarships. Awards for Business Administration majors are done by selection from rankings.

Where do I find information on Advanced Standing Exams?

Students will need to visit the College Office (KH 308) for approval and the appropriate forms. They will need approval from the department in charge of the course.

What is my GPA in my major?

Add all of the total hours attempted for GPA in your major and divide it by the total quality points from those courses.

Where do I find confirmation of good standing for insurance purposes?

Official letters may be obtained from the Registrar’s Office (allow a few days for process). Signatures for the form from the insurance company may be obtained in the College Office.

Where do I get a copy of my schedule?

Your schedule will be listed on your WebStar account.

How can I get a copy of my final grades for my employer?

Students will need to complete the form in the Registrar’s Office website. On the Registrar’s office home page, click on the link on the left listed as “Grade Report Form.”

When are my college credits too old to use?

Grades do not have an expiration date. However, courses may have to be upgraded due to changes (i.e. technology). Always check with the College Staff.

How can I change my major?

To change your major, you must go to the College Office that offers that major. For example, if would want to change your major to Civil Engineering, you must go to the College of Engineering. All changes of majors within the College of Business can be done in the College of Business office.

How can I view my midterm grades?

If your professor has given midterm grades, they will be available on the student’s WebStar account.

What is the maximum number of hours I can take each semester?

If a student is not on probation, the maximum hours allowed is 19 hours during the spring and fall semesters. Students on probation are limited to a maximum of 13 hours. During summer semesters, a student not on probation can take a maximum of 12 hours. Students on probation are limited to 7 hours.

Who should I contact if I am placed on academic probation?

If a student is placed on academic probation, he or she must speak to an academic advisor before registering for any classes.