The College of Business at the University of New Orleans is led by Dean John A. Williams. In addition to providing students of the University of New Orleans with a quality education, the College is active in the community. 
The Dean's Office staff are listed below.  The Student Services Office and the faculty and staff of each academic department counsel students in achieving their educational goals in preparation for rewarding careers.

Office of the Dean

John A. Williams, Ph.D., Pennsylvania State University,
Dean, College of Business Administration
Professor and Director, School of HRT
Veta Professor of Strategy

Liane Carboni, Assistant to the Dean
E-mail: | Phone: (504) 280-6954


Student Services Office

Peggy Gaffney, MA, UNO,
Assistant Dean

Undergraduate Counseling Office

Located in Kirschman Hall, room 308 | Phone: (504) 280-6241

Enjilee Dunn, BS, UNO,
Academic Counselor
E-mail: | Phone: (504) 280-1063

Mary Smith, Graduating Seniors Coordinator & Administrative Coordinator 3
E-mail: | Phone: (504) 280-1310

Office of MBA & Health Care Programs

Located in Kirschman Hall, room 307 | Phone: (504) 280-3215

Aundrea Kloor, MPA, UNO,

Mohammed Hossain, MBA, UNO, 
Associate Director

Lisa Verde, Financial Coordinator 


Computer Services

B. J. Ballanco, MS, UNO,
Director, Network Services and Instructor in Accounting

Casey LaSalle, BS, UNO,
Assistant to Director, Computer Installation

Kane Bourque, MBA, UNO,
Technical Support Analyst