Internal Auditing Program

The Department of Accounting at the University of New Orleans offers the Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA) Endorsed Internal Auditing Program. The program is offered at only a few universities in the United States. Upon completion of the program, IIA will issue a certificate of completion. For more information visit the IIA web site.

The program consists of 9 hours:

  • Internal Auditing (ACCT 6167) in the spring semester
  • Operational Auditing (ACCT6168) in the fall semester

Plus one of the following courses:

  • ACCT 5142 - IT Auditing and Advanced Accounting Information Systems
  • ACCT 4195 - Internship in Internal Auditing
  • ACCT 6169 - Fraud Examination (Fall)

Students prepare for the Certified Auditing (CIA) Exam. The CIA exam requires a Bachelors Degree, not 150 hours.