As an academic unit of the University of New Orleans, an urban comprehensive teaching and research university created to serve the population of the Greater New Orleans metropolitan region while attracting students and faculty from across the nation and the world at large, the Department of Accounting has the following goals:

  • To provide university-level undergraduate and graduate accounting education to persons who wish to pursue, or who are already employed in, positions in accounting, business, or related career endeavors;
  • To prepare students to meet the educational requirements and to successfully complete the various accounting-related professional certifications;
  • To provide a level of instruction that will prepare students to succeed in their career pursuits;
  • To continue to improve the delivery of accounting instruction;
  • To engage in intellectual pursuits that expand the existing body of knowledge in the field of accounting and related fields;
  • To provide broad access to its offerings by accommodating both traditional and non-traditional students, full-time and part-time enrollees, persons majoring in accounting and persons seeking non-accounting degrees, persons matriculating on campus and persons wishing to take courses at satellite locations, persons taking courses primarily during the day and persons desiring to take courses in the evening, persons seeking academic degrees and persons undertaking studies to fulfill continuing professional education requirements or other life-long learning objectives.