Degree Requirements | Tax Accounting (M.S.)

Master of Science in Tax Accounting Degree Requirements

Required accounting courses Cr. Hrs.
ACCT 6125 Studies in Accounting Theory 3
ACCT 6133 Studies in Managerial Accounting 3
Required taxation courses Cr. Hrs.
ACCT 5154 Estate and Gift Taxation 3
ACCT 6151 Federal Tax Practice, Procedure, and Report Writing 3
ACCT 6153 Taxation of Corporations and Shareholders 3
ACCT 6156 Advanced Taxation of Partners and Partnerships and Professional Corporations 3
ACCT 6185 Strategic Business Planning 3
Approved tax elective* 3
Approved Accounting or Business Administration courses 6

*See the department for specific courses and see "degree requirements" above.


  • At least 21 semester hours must be at the 6000 level.
  • At least 15 semester hours must be at the 6000 level in accounting.
  • At least 12 semester hours must be at the 6000 level in accounting, excluding ACCT 6126, ACCT 6167, ACCT 6168.
  • A student may substitute MANG 6480 as a business elective if ACCT 6185 is not offered in the student's last semester. The student must still meet the requirements for 6000 accounting and tax courses.