Master of Science in Tax Accounting

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This 30 hour program provides graduate study concentrated in areas such as partnership, corporation, and shareholder taxation, the tax problems of employee retirement plans, and tax research. It also is a foundation for entrance into doctoral programs and other professional studies.

Foundation Courses

To provide a background for successful study at the graduate level, a series of foundation courses or their equivalents must be completed before enrolling in courses for graduate credit.

Required Non-Tax Courses: 6 hours

  • Accounting 6125 Studies in Accounting Theory
  • Accounting 6133 Studies in Managerial Accounting

Required Tax Accounting Courses: 15 hours

  • Accounting 5154 Estate and Gift Taxation
  • Accounting 6151 Federal Tax Practice, Procedure, and Report Writing
  • Accounting 6153 Taxation of Corporations and Shareholders
  • Accounting 6156 Advanced Taxation of Partners, Partnerships, and Professional Corporations
  • Accounting 6185 Strategic Business Planning

Other Required Courses

  • Tax Accounting Electives: 3 hours
  • Business or Accounting Electives: 6 hours


  • At least 21 semester hours must be at the 6000 level.
  • At least 15 semester hours must be at the 6000 level in accounting.
  • At least 12 semester hours must be at the 6000 level in accounting, excluding ACCT 6126, ACCT 6167, ACCT 6168.
  • A student may substitute MANG 6480 as a business elective if ACCT 6185 is not offered in the student's last semester. The student must still meet the requirements for 6000 accounting and tax courses.