Degree Requirements | Accounting (M.S.)

Degree Requirements

The Master of Science programs in accounting require 30 hours of course work. A minimum of 21 hours of these classes must be at the 6000 level. Depending on a particular curriculum, this will permit a student to use up to nine hours of 5000 classes toward his/her degree. Each student must also have at least 15 hours of 6000 level accounting classes. Included in that total there must be at least 12 hours of 6000 level accounting classes other than ACCT 6126 ACCT 6167 and ACCT 6168

Only classes numbered 5000 and 6000 can be used toward the total credits for the Master of Science programs.

Master of Science in Accounting Degree Requirements

Required accounting courses Cr. Hrs.
ACCT 6125 Studies in Accounting Theory 3
ACCT 6133 Studies in Managerial Accounting 3
ACCT 6185 Strategic Business Planning 3
Approved accounting electives* 12
Approved electives Cr. Hrs.
Accounting or other business administration courses 6
Free Elective 3

*See the department for specific courses and see "degree requirements" above.

Note: Students may use only two of the following classes to fulfill these electives: ACCT 5154 ACCT 6151 ACCT 6153 ACCT 6156