Student Profiles

RachelRachel Billiot-Bruleigh

Rachel is pursuing a Bachelor's degree in the Interdisciplinary Studies (IDS) program at UNO, with a concentration in Cultural and Environmental Studies. She is from Terrytown, Louisiana, and is an enrolled member of the United Houma Nation. She has studied in Costa Rica, Hawaii, and Arizona, and is now a research assistant with UNO-CHART.



DevinDevin Foil

Devin is pursuing a Master's degree in the Masters of Urban and Regional Planning (MURP) program at UNO. He earned his B.A. in East Asian Studies with a concentration on the People's Republic of China at George Washington University. He is originally from Gulfport, Mississippi, but has lived in Washington, DC, Chengdu, China, and Chicago, Illinois in the last ten years. He is currently a research assistant with UNO-CHART.



BradSpiegelSamantha Romain

Samantha is a graduate student in UNO's Master of Urban and Regional Planning (MURP) program specializing in Environmental Hazards and Mitigation. She earned her B.S. from UNO in Urban Studies and Planning with a concentration in Geography, and her A.S. from College of Southern Nevada. She is currently enjoying her role as a research assistant with UNO-CHART, assisting with the Louisiana State Hazard Mitigation Plan Update.



BradSpiegelBradley Spiegel

Bradley is enrolled in the Master's program in Urban and Regional Planning at UNO, specializing in Land Use and Urban Design. He earned a B.A. at Marquette University, majoring in Business Administration. He is originally from the suburbs of Chicago, and moved to New Orleans after working in green infrastructure in Milwaukee. Volunteering multiple times after Hurricane Katrina inspired him to relocate to New Orleans, in order to be engaged in sustainable urban design and urban water management. He is currently a graduate research assistant with UNO-CHART.  


HoangTaoHoang Tao

Hoang is pursuing a Ph.D. in the Planning and Urban Studies department at UNO. He earned his architecture, fine art, and construction technology degrees from CSU and FSU.  He has studied and worked domestically in LA and NYC, and abroad in Italy, China, Taiwan, and Mozambique. He is currently a research assistant with UNO-CHART. Hoang is also involved locally with Evacuteer as Spot Captain, Open Architecture as Communication Director, and the Water Collaborative Designers and Builders Committee.