Disaster Education and Research Opportunities at UNO

  • Master of Science in Urban and Regional Planning (flyer)
    The MURP program provides training to students in preparation for careers in the public, private and non-profit sectors of urban and regional planning. The program offers students a unique opportunity to gain valuable work experience through internships, graduate assistantships and community - based class projects, while contributing to the recovery of the city and region. A specialization in Hazard Mitigation Planning is also offered through this program.
    Contact Dr. Marla Nelson, 504-280-3110
  • Master of Science in Transportation (flyer)

    In spring 2015 The Louisiana Board of Regents approved our executive format Master of Science in Transportation (MS) degree at the University of New Orleans, making it the first degree of its kind in the state. The program, which launched in the fall semester of 2015, is one of the first in the United States that trains students in multimodal freight and passenger transportation system.

    The program provides multimodal education and workforce development opportunities to transportation industry professionals so they might create the most technically advanced, secure, efficient, accessible, competitive, dynamic and environmentally responsible systems for moving goods and people.

    Contact Carol Short, 504-280-7101
  • Master of Science in Urban Studies (flyer)
    The MSUS program enables students to engage in the study of cities and the urbanization process through an interdisciplinary course of study built around core knowledge of urban literature and research methods. Following successful completion of the core courses, students will develop their own curricula, centering on a particular area or research interest that they will expand on in their thesis.
    Contact Dr. David Gladstone, 504-280-3206
  • PhD in Urban Studies (flyer)
    The program of study leading to the Doctor of Philosophy in Urban Studies degree enables students of exceptional ability to undertake advanced study and original research in the fields of urban affairs, urban history, and urban and regional planning. The program’s mission is to prepare students for careers in scholarly activity, applied research and policy analysis.
    Contact Dr. David Gladstone, 504-280-3206
  • MSUS Applied Urban Anthropology Track
    UNO’s anthropology program is committed to the rebuilding of New Orleans in the aftermath of disaster. Long designed to take advantage of New Orleans' and southern Louisiana's cultural and historic resources, our program provides students with tools which allow participation in this process. The department offers an MS in Urban Studies with an applied urban anthropology focus.
    ContactDr. David Gladstone, 504-280-3206
  • Master of Arts in Sociology 
    The MA program in Sociology offers thesis and non-thesis tracks with areas of concentration in environment and in gender. Disaster response and recovery including social/community resiliency are growing areas of interest. Graduate research assistantships are available within faculty research, including the projects of the Center for Hazards Assessment, Response & Technology (CHART), a large interdisciplinary applied research center housed in Sociology.
    Contact Dr. D'Lane Compton, 594-280-6200
  • Master of Public Administration
    The MPA program offers a concentration in Hazard Policy that takes advantage of our unique Southern Louisiana experiences in mitigating, preparing for, responding to and recovering from disasters. Students are given an interdisciplinary understanding of the complex systems that must be considered in creating and sustaining disaster - resilient communities. A certificate in Hazard Policy is also offered through this program.
    Contact Dr. John Kiefer, 504-280-3842

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Repetitive Floodloss Information

The repetitive floodloss project website contains information about how to protect your home from flooding, and what the appropriate actions are following a flooding disaster.