Lower Ninth Ward

1410-MehleCarport and garage. Elevation 12+ ft. 1628--Gordon-StWide set front staircase, recessed wall. 1631-Tennessee"Make it Right" campaign, in progress. Elevation 8+ ft.
1631-TennesseeAlternate view. 1639 Carbonnet St.Large porch and staircase. Elevation 4 ft. 1740 N RomanElevation 3 ft.
1745 DeleryRecessed wall, landscaping. Elevation 4 ft. 1800 Tennessee"Make it Right" campaign.  Landscaping and porch. Elevation 3 ft. 1900 Block TNMake it Right" campaign. Carport,
large front staircase. Elevation 10+ ft.
1931 Tricou Winding staircase, landscaping. Elevation 4 ft. 1943 St. MauriceUnder-house garage. Decorative stone exterior (back of house). Elevation 10+ ft. 4817 N MiroLattice work and landscaping shield elevation. Elevation 4 ft.