Gentilly Terrace

2319Lattice work, banister-enclosed porch, brick stairway and beautiful landscaping. Elevation about 4 ft. Gentilly TerraceContinuous roofline includes carport. Staircase with landing. Elevation about 5 ft. Gentilly TerraceMonochromatic color scheme, recessed staircase and deceptive elevation height. Elevation about 5-6 ft.
Gentilly TerraceHidden staircase, spacious porch, landscaping. Elevation about 4 feet. Gentilly TerracePicket fence disguises elevation. Elevation about 4 ft. Gentilly TerraceClassic 3 foot elevation with large porch and brack cladding. Elevation about 4 ft.
Gentilly TerraceLandscaping will grown to eventually cover space between house and ground. Elevation about 3 ft. Gentilly Terrace 8 foot elevation with dual garage makes use of space while creating porch space.