East Carrollton

1312 FernLandscaping, siding entire length of facade and garage on first floor. Elevation 10 ft. 1314 FernGreat use of landscaping. Elevation 4 ft. 1326 FernHistoric home with grand staircase. Elevation 8 ft.
7500 HampsonLandscaping hides space under house. Elevation 3 ft. 7532 HampsonLandscaping and fence shield elevation. Elevation 3 ft. 7600 BurtheFence and continuous brick facade hide elevation. Elevation 6 ft.
7711 WillowGrand staircase and two tier landscaping shield elevation. Elevation 10 ft. 7808 WilllowSide staircase and continual sidingshield elevation. Elevation 6 ft. 7815 WillowGarage utilizes space under house, strong fence line and side staircase shield elevation. Elevation 8 ft.
14 Willow FernGround elevation plus 3 foot home elevation - stucco exterior. Elevation 12+ ft.