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UNO Career Services uses the CSO Solutions Opportunities Database as it's hub for job and resume postings, information about and registration for recruitment events, and our primary means of communicating with recruiters and potential employers.

The Opportunities Database allows for multiple users linked to one company/employer. For security purposes and ease of use, each user for a given company must create a unique username and password for access to the company/employer record.

An Opportunities Database employer account may contain information such as the website address, company description, even a special links on the website that includes career information. Individuals associated with the company need not "reinvent the wheel" and can simply associate themselves with the company site and gain access with their unique username and password.

For example, let's say Phil works for Accounting & Computing, Inc. and posts an internship position with his department each year. By creating a unique username and password, Phil can post his contact information and the internship listing and have resumes and related information sent directly to him in Accounting posts an internship once a year and he wants to get resumes sent to him directly. Jan works also works for Accounting & Computing, Inc. and she wants to hire a temp for December. Jan can do exactly what Phil did, also without the need to enter all of the company information all over again. As a recruiter for Accounting & Computing, Inc., Mike can create in interview schedule for his on-campus recruiting efforts and career fairs.

These are three users with three different needs. They all have their own username and password so they can use the system exactly as they need to. Additionally, if Phil in Accounting leaves the company, then only his access is deleted. We don't have to reset usernames or password for anyone else.


Services Offered with the Career Compass

The following services, items and features are available to employers in the Opportunities Database:

  • Part-Time and Full-Time Job Postings
  • Internships, Apprenticeships and Cooperative Education Postings
  • UNO Students and Alumni Résumé Collection
  • Career Events Registration Information
Career Compass Disclaimer

Posting Jobs

Employers wishing to post jobs at the University of New Orleans have several options. UNO Career Services posts part-time and full-time jobs, internships, cooperative education opportunities, and on-campus and graduate assistantship positions when available. There are a few guidelines that employers are asked to follow when posting positions with Career Services:

  • Positions that are "cash only" or home based businesses will not be posted
  • Positions that are nanny, babysitter, tutor or require a level of care consistent with a licensed health professional will not be posted by order of the university attorney
  • We do NOT under any circumstance post jobs for third-party recruiting agencies, personnel firms, employment or staffing agencies.
  • All postings must be in accordance with EOE regulations. The only exceptions would be in the case of companies wishing to hire only US Citizens or companies who cannot sponsor students on international visas.

Employers wishing to post jobs are asked to do so in the Opportunities Database. Registration in this system will allow you to post positions and access résumés of students and alumni. Please click here for the Opportunities Database Employers Guide or contact Career Services at 504-280-6225 for more information.

Posting Internship Positions

Internships are the best way for students to get experience in a particular field before graduation. Employers wishing to post internship or co-op positions are asked to do so in the Opportunities Database. Registration in this system will allow you to post positions and access resumes of students.

Contacting Engineering Majors for Internships

The College of Engineering encourages all students to complete a Cooperative Education experience. The College of Engineering does not award academic credit for internships or Cooperative Education Experiences.

Contacting Business Majors for Internships

The College of Business Administration has a program designed to allow a fast, efficient process for employers seeking interns for credit. The LIFE program allows students who are looking to get an academic credit internship an opportunity to do so through pre-qualified, internship sites. As mentioned earlier, UNO Career Services does not coordinate academic credit for students for internships. We encourage all companies looking to hire business majors for interns to post their position with Career Services AND inquire how to become a qualified site through the College of Business Administration LIFE program.