Thursday, March 29, 2018

Student Orientation Sessions Give Incoming Students an 'In' on Success

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You’ve heard it many times and it’s never stopped being true: It’s never too soon to start planning for your future.

The University of New Orleans is gearing up for the fall 2018 semester by hosting a series of freshman, transfer and new student orientations designed to give incoming students the edge they need to start the year off with success.

Here’s everything students and parents need to know to decide what orientation is right for you:

Early Advantage Orientation

When? April 7, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

What? An invite-only orientation for freshmen who have been admitted to the University for the fall 2018 semester. Participants who are eligible based on their ACT and/SAT sub-scores in mathematics and English can take advanced placement exams on that Friday, April 6, in English, math and foreign languages.

What will we do? Tour the campus, meet with advisors, browse an organizational fair, get your student IDs, learn about some of the fun, long-standing UNO traditions, and participate in presentations designed to introduce you to strategies designed to help you achieve in your determination to get a degree that fits your goals for success. Check out the complete agendas for students here and parents and visitors here.


Fall Orientation for Freshmen

When? There are three sessions from which to choose: June 6-7, June 20-21 and July 11-12.

What? This two-day program, including an optional overnight stay in UNO's Pontchartrain Residence Hall, gives incoming freshmen an in-depth preview of campus life.

What will we do? In addition to participating in campus tours, meeting peers and other future students, each student will be advised by an academic advisor and will register for classes. Students must attend both days of orientation to register for classes. Students staying overnight will also be able to participate in fun evening activities including a game show and a lip sync battle. See the complete agenda here.

What about parents and guests? We have designed a special one-day program for parents and guests of incoming students attending each of these sessions. They will be held June 6, June 20 and July 11. Come find out all you need to know to help make your child’s Privateer experience the best it can be. See the complete parent/guest agenda here.


Fall Orientation for Transfer Students

When? June 13 and July 18

What? This one-day program is mandatory for students who are transferring to UNO with less than 60 credit hours under their belts.

What will we do? Participants will tour the campus, get their IDs, meet with advisors, become acquainted with various student services available on campus and learn about financial aid. The day also includes two student-led panels—one for students pursuing engineering and science degrees and one for students in business, liberal arts, interdisciplinary studies and education—that will allow transfer students to ask questions of current students regarding their experiences. See the complete agenda here.

What about parents and guests? There is no complimentary orientation for parents and guests of transfer students.


Beyond Orientation: First Year Transitions

What? We’re not going to orient you and drop you! Once you’re in, the UNO has several opportunities for students to find their groove, make new friends, explore their leadership capacity and figure out how to best channel their passions as part of the UNO community into something that makes them—and their new UNO home—better. With that in mind, we offer three experiences:

* Privateer Camp, July 31 to Aug. 2, a three-day, two-night leadership retreat for incoming freshmen that focuses on leadership involvement and diversity. Find out more here.

* New Transfer Experience, Aug. 2-3, a two-day, one-night leadership retreat for new transfer students that focuses on transitioning to UNO. Find out more here.

* Privateer Plunge, Aug. 12-Sept. 30, a six-week program chock full of events, activities, meetings, sessions and workships that are designed to help freshmen and transfers adjust and engage in life at UNO. Read more!

Learn more about all these opportunities by visiting these pages:

Fall Orientation Programs

First Year Transition Camps