Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Greater New Orleans Writing Project: Training Classroom Teachers for 40 Years

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The Greater New Orleans Writing Project, housed in the University of New Orleans English Department, is celebrating its 40th anniversary this summer with its 2018 Invitational Summer Institute.

The 40th annual Summer Institute is a two-part, six-hour graduate level course open to teachers of all grades and subjects. The professional development experience will give both new and experienced teachers the opportunity to research and develop best practices in the teaching of writing while developing better strategies for incorporating writing into their classroom instruction.

“Schools are recognizing that writing is an essential skill in any discipline,” said Ken Rayes, director of the Greater New Orleans Writing Project, which has been a part of UNO and the local branch of the National Writing Project since 1978. The National Writing Project seeks to guide teachers with the essential skills, resources and support they need to effectively teach writing to all students.

The Summer Institute will consist of two independent sections: First, a face-to-face seven-day seminar beginning June 18 during which teachers will research and participate in hands-on teaching demonstrations, developing their own best practices in the teaching and incorporation of writing into their classrooms. The second, independent component will be a fall hybrid course—a combination of an online component and select Saturday seminars—during which teachers will share and analyze the effectiveness of the implementation of their strategies in their classroom.

The Summer Institute indoctrinates teachers into a shared teaching community dedicated to raising student literacy through writing. The program enrolls a maximum of 12 teachers. Rayes said there are a handful of slots left.

The deadline for application to the 2018 GNOWP Summer Institute is May 25.  To apply, please email krayes@uno.edu or call 504-280-7323.