Monday, July 24, 2017

University of New Orleans Invests in Faculty Research and Competitiveness

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The University of New Orleans Office of Research and Sponsored Programs announced that more than $210,000 will be awarded to faculty researchers in the form of internal grants. Modeled after a process used by the Louisiana Board of Regents, the annual grant competition is intended to help researchers hone grant writing skills and become more competitive in securing external grant funding.

The 2017 competition introduced a new category of internal grants. The Interdisciplinary Grant Development award requires participation from two or more colleges or departments. As federal agencies continue to stress the importance of interdisciplinary research, this internal funding opportunity creates an opportunity for a team of researchers to collaborate across disciplines on writing grant proposals. Beyond providing faculty with the experience of generating a competitive proposal, the program also seeks to stimulate interdisciplinary research on campus.

The Creative Endeavor Opportunity (CEO) award provides support for faculty to launch programs of research, scholarship, exhibition or performance that will ultimately result in increased research and creative activity on campus. Each proposal is evaluated for its potential impact on the faculty member’s discipline, as well as its contribution to the faculty member’s development as a researcher, teacher and scholar in a specific field of knowledge. The maximum amount of a CEO award is $7,500.

A third award type, known as a SCoRe award, is named for “stimulating competitive research.” These grants are intended for use as seed money for faculty to develop a new area of research activity. With a traditional SCoRe award, faculty can receive as much as $15,000 with a commitment to eventually compete for additional external funding for the project. A second type of SCoRe grant funds a salary buyout, allowing the faculty member time off from teaching to develop the new proposed area of scholarship.

All proposals were peer-reviewed and evaluated by the University’s Research Council, a committee of faculty representing each college and major research center on campus. The Office of Research and Sponsored Programs used these peer rankings to determine award winners.

Below is a list of faculty who will receive awards from the 2017 internal grant program and the topics of their winning proposals.

Interdisciplinary Grant Awards

D. Ryan Gray and Martin O'Connell: Reconstructing Fisheries Use and the Health of Commercially Important Fish Populations in the Greater New Orleans Area ($32,371)

Nikolas I. Xiros, Juliette Ioup and Ralph Saxton: Modeling and Control for Power Takeoff Systems of Flow Induced Motion Hydrokinetic Power-Plants ($52,361)

Creative Endeavor Opportunity Awards

Yotam Haber: The Voice Imitator: A Chamber Opera ($7,500)

Ed Petersen: Louisiana Dialect-ic: Compositions for Woodwind Quintet and Wind Ensemble ($7,500)

Tara Tolford: Development of a Peer-to-Peer Knowledge Sharing Network for Active Transportation Research ($7,457)

John Gery: In Clear Disarray: A New Collection of Poems English & Foreign Languages ($5,970)

Laszlo Fulop: Szilard: A Play Script ($7,500)

Richard Goodman: An Anthology of Environmental Writing about the Gulf South ($7,500)

Elyria Kemp: Emotions in Organizational Decision Making ($7,500)

SCoRe Awards

Minhaz F. Zibran: Automatic Identification of Malign Code Clones in Software Systems ($15,000)

Marla Nelson: The Importance of Proximity to Employment for Low Earning Workers: Evidence from Four Metropolitan Regions ($14,998)

Kim Williams and Bridget Bordelon: Exploring the Role of Virtual Reality for Hospitality and Tourism Applications ($14,999)

Xiaochuan (Vincent) Yu: Reliability and Risk Assessment of Mooring System Design for FPSOs under Extreme Wind Storms ‘Squalls’ ($15,000)

Leszek Malkinski: Novel approach to tuning resonant microwave absorption in microwave devices ($15,000)