Tuesday, April 11, 2017

The University of New Orleans Welcomes Guadeloupe’s Education Superintendent

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Camille Galap, Guadeloupe’s superintendent of education and chancellor of the Université des Antilles, visited the University of New Orleans on March 27, 2017. During Galap’s meetings with President John Nicklow and UNO faculty and staff, both sides explored opportunities for collaboration under the umbrella of an agreement signed by the two universities in 2015.

Discussions between Recteur Galap and representatives from UNO centered around the development of student and teacher exchanges between Louisiana and the Caribbean nation. Possible outcomes are teaching Creole language and culture in Louisiana, producing more graduates able to teach in French immersion programs here and developing partnerships in the tourism, hospitality management and film production programs that enhance education, training and the availability of internships.

“We were so pleased to have this opportunity to discuss with Recteur Galap both his ideas and ours for meaningful collaboration between the two universities,” said Alea Cot, UNO’s assistant provost for international education. “Our institutions have enormous potential to complement each other’s academic and research endeavors.”

Recteur Galap also serves as special representative of the French Secretary for Education in the French West Indies and was accompanied by a university delegation. He and his colleagues toured the Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism Administration lab and film production labs on campus before departing for visits with other local and state leaders.

“Université des Antilles” translates to English as “University of the West Indies and Guyana.” According to the school’s website, it is the “main provider of skilled human resources in the Carribean.” Like UNO, the mission of Université des Antilles involves both education and research. Academic and research units of Université des Antilles are spread among Guadeloupe, Guyana and Martinique. They include a medical school and departments of law and economics, arts and humanities, social science, natural sciences and human performance. The institution’s current enrollment is approximately 13,117 students.