Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Alumnus’ Horror Film ‘Sacrilege’ Available at Redbox Locations Starting in May

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A horror film created by University of New Orleans alumnus Paul Catalanotto with a crew of UNO students, faculty and alumni will soon be available through Redbox, the movie rental company that has more than 40,000 trademark red kiosks nationally.

Filmmaker Paul Catalanotto (M.F.A., ’09) co-wrote, produced and directed “Sacrilege,” a feature-length film that tells the story of a vintage music box that is haunted by a demonic entity that feeds off of the lives of those who hear its melody. The movie will be available at Redbox locations starting May 2, he said.

Catalanotto’s 40-person “Sacrilege,” crew included Hamp Overton, associate professor of film at UNO, and about 20 UNO film students who, in the summer of 2015, helped film the hair-raising production over 11 days for class credit. The crew also included a host of UNO alumni, who also served as student mentors.

“It is quite an achievement,” Overton said of the Redbox sale. The company buys only 50 movies a quarter, he said. Catalanotto said he was told that “Sacrilege” was one of only two films purchased this quarter that didn’t feature well-known actors.

Redbox purchased 20,000 copies of the film, which was especially encouraging, Catalanotto said: “This is someone who says we believe in this film … As a filmmaker, it’s as good as I can do with a budget my size.”

In addition to the Redbox sale, High Octane Pictures has purchased international distribution rights, Catalanotto said.

“The movie will be everywhere at some point,” he said. “Not bad for a little UNO production. I’m over the moon about it.”

Catalanotto, a Hammond resident, operates his production company Untitled Films out of his home. In addition to creating now three feature-length horror films, he makes commercials, music videos and documentaries.

His most recent documentary, “When the Rivers Rise,” about the 2016 Louisiana floods, shows this week at the Louisiana International Film Festival in Baton Rouge.

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