Thursday, March 3, 2016

University Holds 4th Annual InnovateUNO

Dozens of University of New Orleans students participated in the fourth annual InnovateUNO , the University’s juried undergraduate research, scholarship and creative showcase.

The top five oral presenters, top five poster presenters, top five artists and the top performer are invited to attend the University of Louisiana System Academic Summit, which will be held April 14-15 at Nicholls State University in Thibodaux, La. This was also the second year for the Privateer Choice Award, which is voted on by any person who attended the showcase.

The aim of the competition is to improve undergraduate student success by engaging in research and creative pursuits and to help students build skills for further academic and career success. The showcase is also designed to help students gain interest in advanced scholarly research and help improve their skills in seeking grant funding.

“Studies have shown that early involvement in undergraduate research, and creative and scholarly works has improved retention rates,” said Elizabeth Sigler, coordinator of undergraduate research. “InnovateUNO has grown immensely over the past four years. I am very thankful for the work of the Undergraduate Research Council and the many volunteers who assist with the organization and judging of the event. We are also grateful for the financial support of the Student Government Association, alumnus Pierre Champagne and the AT&T Foundation.”

Here is the list of winners:

Oral Presentations:

1. Graphene Oxide Nanostructures
Cynthiya Shrestha
Mentor: John Wiley
Mechanical Engineering/Chemistry

1. The Social Memory of WWII : Prisoners of War in Louisiana
Elena Ricci
Mentor: D. Ryan Gray

2. Re-Branding the American Marketing Association
Kasey Morgan, Jordan Abuathieh, Jasmine Holloway, Mallory Kiefer
Mentor: Kyeong Sam Min

2. Pulling GIS into Port: Implementation of Enterprise Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
Derreck Blake Deason
Mentor: Michelle M. Thompson
PLUS: Transportation    

3. Visualization Representation of Data Collected From Acoustic and Satellite Tags
Perabjoth Singh Bajwa
Mentor: Mahdi Abdelguerfi
Computer Science

4. Game Development for Education: Designing Learning Tools using Unity
Ashim Sitoula
Mentor: Stephen G. Ware
Electrical Engineering/Computer Science

5. Ecocentric Watering System
Gabriel Singleton, Louis Cloutier, Matthew Hinkamp, Anthony Leblanc
Mentor: Kim D. Jovanovich
Electrical Engineering

Visual Arts

1. I Ching: Wounding Light
Michelle Lepori
Mentor: Cheryl Hayes
Interdisciplinary Studies

2. Meat
Amy Nguyen
Mentor: Kathy Rodriguez
Fine Arts

3. Misanthrope
Mackenzie Franco, Matthew Eberts
Mentors: Kevin Griffith/Cheryl Hayes
Fine Arts

4. David
Michelle Ramos
Mentor: Cheryl Hayes
Studio Art

5. Love Me
Amy Nguyen
Mentor: Kathy Rodriguez
Fine Arts


1. Discovering Candidate Genes in Forest Antelope to Map Adaptive Variation in Africa
Natasha Bourgeois
Mentor: Nicola Anthony
Biological Sciences/Chemistry

1. Characterization of the Protein Encoded by unk9, a Conserved Gene of Unknown Function in Synechococcus sp. RS9916
Suman Pokhrel, Adam A. Nguyen
Mentor: Wendy Schluchter
Biological Sciences

2. Search for the Nuclear Localization Signal in the Yeast mRNA Methyltransferase, IME4
Christian Monroy
Mentor: Mary Clancy
Biological Sciences

3. Developmental Plasticity of Grasshoppers Fed Different Diets
Austin Culotta
Mentor: Jerome J. Howard
Biological Sciences

3. A Comparison Between the Metabolic Cross-over Point and Functional Tissue
Tina Trosclair
Mentor: Marc Bonis
Human Performance and Health Promotion- Exercise Physiology

4. Synthesis of Functional Recombinant Subunits of Phycoerythrin II
Jacob Frick, Christina Kronfel
Mentor: Wendy Schluchter
Biological Sciences

5. Near-infrared Spectroscopic Measurement of Cotton Micronaire In-situ
Thomas Miller
Mentor: Kim D. Jovanovich
Electrical Engineering


Pulp Fiction Reenactment
Prerak Chapagain, Shisir Acharya, Eliz Parajuli, Kyle Nichols, Ashim Sitoula
F.D.R. Improv (UNO Club)
Mentor: Cory Dumesnil

Privateer Choice Award
Digital Filtering Considerations on High-Speed Analog Data Collection of a Wedge Drop Experiment
Ana Munoz, Aravinth Yayathi, Bret Bye
Mentor: Christine Ikeda
Mechanical Engineering/Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering