Friday, September 9, 2016

UNO and Delgado Sign Agreements to Boost Educational Attainment and Transfer Rates

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The University of New Orleans and Delgado Community College have signed two agreements that are designed to boost educational attainment and transfer rates between the two institutions. University of New Orleans President John Nicklow and Delgado Community College Chancellor Joan Davis participated in a signing ceremony on UNO’s campus. 

The first agreement is a new partnership bridge program that will encourage program participants to begin pursuing their educational goals at Delgado and to transfer to UNO when they are eligible.

Applicants who are not immediately eligible for admission at UNO will be automatically admitted to Delgado without needing to complete any additional forms or pay additional fees. If those students complete all developmental coursework, at least 12 hours of non-developmental college credit, earn a GPA of at least 2.25 and are in good academic standing at Delgado, they will be admitted to UNO.

Once students have completed the appropriate coursework at UNO, they will also be eligible to receive an associate degree from Delgado. Advisers from Delgado and UNO will provide assistance with the admissions and transfer process.

“The process of reverse articulation, where the credits earned at UNO are transferred back to Delgado, is in line with national best practices for college completion,” Nicklow said. “This is an arrangement that benefits both institutions. I am proud to continue our close collaboration with Chancellor Davis and Delgado Community College, in the interest of serving the students of greater New Orleans.”

“Opportunities for collaboration between the public higher education institutions in New Orleans manifest themselves in increased access and completion of college-level work by the people of our city and region,” Davis said. “The success of our students is the success of our schools and our community. We thank President Nicklow and his colleagues at UNO for working with us to renew and strengthen our agreement to serve students in a manner that increases the value of their higher education experience.”

The two institutions also renewed a longstanding cross-enrollment agreement that began in 1991. Under the agreement, full-time students are eligible to take one course at the host institution for each course taken at the home institution, with a maximum of two courses taken at the host institution. Students are only allowed to enroll in courses at the host institution if the courses are not offered at the home institution.

The goal of the cross-enrollment agreement is to jointly provide better post-secondary opportunities for all Louisiana students and to facilitate easier transferability between two- and four-year institutions.