Monday, March 14, 2016

UNO Is Among Nation’s Best Risk-Reward Schools for College Students

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LendEDU, a national marketplace for student loans and student loan refinance, has ranked the University of New Orleans in the top 100 institutions in the nation for Best Risk-Reward for College Students. UNO ranked 81st out of more than 1,000 colleges, according to the 2016 College Risk-Reward Indicator (CRRI) Study.

Evaluators defined risk as the average student loan debt per graduate and reward as the average early career pay, or the median salary for alumni with 0-5 years of experience. The CRRI is calculated by dividing the measure of reward by the measure of risk and establishing a numerical value.

UNO was one of only two Louisiana colleges to make the top 100; Louisiana Tech in Ruston was the other. In its analysis, LendEDU compared the CRRI of 1,004 public and private colleges in the United States. According to the LendEDU, the colleges and universities with the highest CRRI should be considered the best risk adjusted choice for undergraduates and the colleges and universities with the lowest CRRI should be considered the worst risk adjusted choice for undergraduates. UNO achieved a CRRI of 2.41 with average student loan debt per graduate of $18,850 and average annual early career earnings of $45,500. To see the full rankings, click here.

The University of New Orleans has long received recognition for its value. For the past five straight years, UNO has appeared on U.S. News & World Report’s “Least Debt List” among national universities. The rankings are based on universities whose students graduate with the lightest debt loads.