Monday, May 9, 2016

UNO Graduate School Announces Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship Awards

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Three graduate students at the University of New Orleans have been awarded fellowships for the 2016-17 school year through a new program aimed at defraying the cost of attendance for students working on their dissertations. Recipients of the doctoral dissertation fellowship will receive tuition waivers and $16,000 stipends for the year through an innovative use of university funds designed by the UNO Graduate Council.

Panagiotis Markopoulos is pursuing his Ph.D. in counselor education. Markopoulos is conducting research on the use of technology by therapists working with autistic children. His adviser, Roxane Dufrene, associate professor of education, believes Markopoulos will make significant contributions in his professional pursuits.

Kimberly Mosby will be working on her dissertation in urban studies. According to Pam Jenkins, sociology professor emeritus and Mosby’s adviser, the research Mosby is conducting will provide a needed critical voice about the long term effects of recovery and policy on the most vulnerable populations.

Omer Unsal is working toward a doctorate in financial economics. His research focuses on firm performance and corporate lobbying. His adviser, Duygu Zirek, an assistant professor of economics and finance, says that Unsal’s “insightfulness in empirical research” is exceptional.

The UNO Graduate Council serves to recommend and advise campus leadership on matters relating to graduate school policy, faculty and curriculum. The council reviews graduate faculty appointment criteria and applications, advocates for quality in graduate programs and represents graduate faculty concerns to the administration. The Council consists of two representatives from each college who are appointed by the dean. The council recently elected to dedicate existing funds for the doctoral dissertation fellowship awards.