Thursday, May 19, 2016

UNO Forms Partnership with Corporación Universidad de la Costa

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Corporación Universidad de la Costa (CUC) has instituted a formal memorandum of understanding with the University of New Orleans to create a framework for student exchange and faculty interaction that is expected to benefit both schools. While CUC has many similar arrangements with universities in South America and Europe, it is CUC’s first such partnership with an American university.

Emir José Macari, dean of the College of Engineering and interim director for research, recently visited the CUC campus to take part in a signing ceremony and educate CUC faculty and staff about UNO’s academic and research strengths. Click here to see a CUC-produced video about the new partnership.

Corporación Universidad de la Costa (CUC) is a private, nonprofit institution located in Barranquilla, Colombia. In English, the institution’s name translates to “University of the Coast” or “The Coast University.” CUC and UNO offer many similar academic programs, including engineering, environmental sciences, business administration, liberal arts and a broad array of opportunities for graduate study.