Monday, November 9, 2015

University of New Orleans Leads City in Affordability for Low-Income Students

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The University of New Orleans is more affordable for low-income students than any other local university, according to a searchable database created by the nonprofit news organization ProPublica.

Poor students who attended UNO in 2013 paid $7,222 per year on average, according to the figures. That’s less than what low-income students paid at any other university in New Orleans–and less than they paid at 152 of the other 172 public, four-year research universities in the U.S. ranked.

In addition, UNO students who received Pell Grants graduated with an average of $12,989 in federal loan debt. That’s the lowest debt load of any other four-year college in Louisiana, the sixth lowest of all public four-year colleges in the country--and at least $6,000 less than any other college in New Orleans.

ProPublica’s figures originate from the U.S. Department of Education and White House data on students who receive federal aid from Title IV programs, including students who take out Stafford and Perkins loans as well as Pell Grants. 

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