Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Undergraduate Research Council Announces First-Ever PURSUE Awards

The Undergraduate Research Council at the University of New Orleans has announced the 20 students who will receive the first-ever PURSUE (Privateer Undergraduate Research and Scholarly UNO Experience) awards. The students were selected from an applicant field of more than 130. The goal is to introduce all UNO undergraduate students to research opportunities and to provide a mechanism for students to find faculty research mentors. The program is organized by the Office of Research.

All students will be paired with a faculty mentor, who has volunteered to participate in the program. Undergraduate research has been shown to improve student retention, develop critical thinking and intellectual independence, and promote an innovation-oriented culture. All degree-seeking undergraduate students in any academic discipline are eligible for the awards.

The Undergraduate Research Council selected 10 freshmen and sophomores who will receive $1,000 awards in the form of student worker positions (paid $10 an hour).

The underclassmen awardees are:

• Sydney Campbell, biology and chemistry
  Mentor: Mark Trudell
• Sabrina Cuevas, civil and environmental engineering
  Mentor: Bhaskar Kura
• Jacey Culliford, biological sciences
  Mentor: Matthew Tarr
• Saroj Duwal, computer science
  Mentor: Shengru Tu
• Prayug Koirala, mechanical engineering
  Mentor: Dimitrios Charalampidis
• Christian Monroy, biological sciences
  Mentor: Mary Clancy
• Elena Ricci, anthropology
  Mentor: D. Ryan Gray
• Himal Sapkota, mechanical engineering
  Mentor: Christine Ikeda
• Ashim Sitoula, electrical engineering 
  Mentor: Stephen Ware
• Suman Pokhrel, biological sciences
  Mentor: Wendy Schluchter

The council also selected 10 juniors and seniors who will receive $1,500 awards in the form student worker positions (paid at $15 an hour).

The upperclassmen awardees are:

• Natasha Bourgeois, biological sciences 
 Mentor: Nicola Anthony
• Demond Brown, marketing
 Mentor: Kyeong Sam Min
• Christopher LeBlanc, civil engineering
  Mentor: Malay Ghose-Hajra
• Federico Machado, international studies
  Mentor: Michael Huelshoff
• Anh Thu Mai, finance
  Mentor: Mohammad Hassan
• Michael Medina, psychology
  Mentor: Elliott Beaton
• Hannah Reynoso-Moller, film and theatre
  Mentor: Laszlo Fulop
• Jacqueline Smith, chemistry
  Mentor: Steven Rick
• Andrew Stark, electrical engineering
  Mentor: Kim Jovanovich 
• Tina Trosclair, human performance and health promotion
  Mentor: Marc Bonis

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