Thursday, April 16, 2015

UNO Press Releases Newest Novel by Author Rick Barton

A former provost at the University of New Orleans and the founder of the acclaimed University of New Orleans Creative Writing Workshop Frederick "Rick" Barton has released his sixth novel. In The Wake of the Flagship by Frederick Barton is published by the University of New Orleans Center for the Book and the UNO Press.

Barton’s newest novel In the Wake of the Flagship finds college basketball coach Richard Janus in an unlikely position: he has recently become the interim rector of Urban University, the woefully underfunded public college of Choctaw, Alkansea. After Hurricane Hosea devastates the region, Janus must battle with the unscrupulous heads of flagship ASU to keep Urban, the school he loves, from closing its doors forever.

Release Date

In the Wake of the Flagship by Rick Barton will be released by the UNO Press in April 2015.

"Told through the eyes of Metacom, the legendary Indian sachem of King Philip’s War, In the Wake of the Flagship is a blistering and often hilarious examination of the contradictions implicit in the American experience," the UNO Press said in promotional materials. "At once a biting satire and a heartfelt examination of leadership in times of turmoil, this campus novel’s absurdist take on academic bureaucracy will enthrall fans of humor and high literature alike."

The novel continues the story started in The El Cholo Feeling Passes, the UNO Press said. The book will be released in April.

“Barton has a lot of important human business on his mind in this exceptional novel: race, history, the South, hurricanes, laughter, love, and much more," acclaimed critic Richard Ford writes. "In the Wake of the Flagship is wonderfully inventive, and addictive to read.”

Fredrick Barton is the author of five novels, including The El Cholo Feeling Passes, Courting Pandemonium, Black and White on the Rocks, and A House Divided, which won the William Faulkner Prize in Fiction. He lives in New Orleans.

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