Tuesday, April 21, 2015

UNO Alumni Association Calls for Nominations for Distinguished Alumni

The University of New Orleans International Alumni Association is seeking nominations for the 2015 Homer L. Hitt Distinguished Alumni Award, the highest honor of the association.

Call for Nominations

The deadline to nominate candidates for the 2015 Homer L. Hitt Award is Friday, April 24.

Information and a downloadable form can be found here.

Named for the University's first chancellor, the annual award honors alumni whose accomplishments distinguish them in their fields, reflecting credit upon UNO and on alumni who have contributed significant service to their communities and to UNO.  Distinguished alumni are selected by a committee of former award recipients.

The award will be presented during the 2015 Alumni Week at a special reception on Thursday, November 5, 2015.

Selection is made by a committee of previous award recipients and is based on the following criteria:

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Past Awardees

2014 Newell D. Normand (B.S. Business Administration '88)
2013 Robert A. "Bobby" Savoie  (Ph.D. Engineering & Applied Science '09)
2012 Jay C. Zainey, Jr. (B.S. Accounting '73)
2011 Peggy Scott (B.A. Political Science '75) & Errol Laborde (M.A. Political Science '71, Ph.D. Political Science '83)
2010 Joel T. Chaisson, II (B.S. Business Administration '80) & James "Jim" Tucker (B.S. Finance 86)
2009 Kim L. Bondy (B./A Drama & Communications '88, M.B.A. '09)
2008 James B. “Jim” Letten (B.A. Drama & Communications '76)
2007 Gregory C. Rigamer (M.S. Urban Studies '74)
2006 Walter J. Boasso (B.S. Management '83)
2005 Allan B. Colley (B.A. Philosophy '71)
2004 Edward “Rocky” W. Kolb (B.S. Physics '73)
2003 Clarence J. "Clancy" DuBos, III (B.A. History '76)
2002 Bartholomew F. Palmisano, Sr. (M.S. Accounting '86)
2001 Dr. D. James Miller (M.S. Chemistry '65)
2000 Gary N. Solomon (B.A. Business Administration '71)
1999 Donald J. Landry (B.S. Management '71)
1998 Gary B. Froeba (B.S. Management '71)
1997 Thomas M. Kitchen (B.S. Accounting '69, M.B.A. '71)
1996 Jim Clark (B.S. Physics '70, M.S. Physics '71)
1995 Michael A. Flick (B.S. Finance '70)
1994 Mario Villa (B.A. Anthropology '77)
1993 Joseph P. Raspanti (B.S. General Science '79)
1992 Melinda B. Schwegmann (B.A. Elementary Education '69)
1991 Michael J. Kettenring (B.A. Government '66)
1990 Harold J. Heno, Jr. (B.A. History '74)
1989 David R. Sherman (B.A. Business Administration '74)
1988 Susan O. Hess (B.A. English '67)
1987 Timothy P. Ryan (B.A. Economics '71)
1986 James J. Donelon (B.A. Political Science '67)