Thursday, July 9, 2015

UNO Calling Center, Staffed by Students, Raises More than $160,000

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Hundreds of University of New Orleans friends and alumni answered the call to support the University since the Office of University Advancement launched the UNO Calling Center in September 2014. Since its inception, the UNO Calling Center, which is staffed by current students, has raised more than $160,000. Student callers have spoken and engaged with more than 14,000 alumni and parents.

"We are thrilled with the meaningful connections our student callers have made with UNO alumni. Some of their conversations were extensive and we are gathering a wealth of information," said Judith Roberson, director of development.

More than 1,890 alumni and parents made gifts and pledges by phone to support UNO during the recently concluded 2014-15 campaign. Many of these donors are new or have not made gifts in several years, according to Roberson. Their generosity supports all the academic colleges as well as UNO First, the University's annual fund, which provides resources to meet the University's most urgent needs. In addition to emphasizing the importance of donor gifts, student callers collected biographical, professional and contact information and offered to register alumni as members of the UNO International Alumni Association.

The UNO Calling Center employed 50 student callers over the 2014-15 campaign in an effort to reach alumni, donors and parents and share updates about the campus. The Calling Center is a great opportunity for student employment because of its convenient on-campus location, compatibility with the academic calendar and competitive pay, which includes bonuses. Students interested in Calling Center employment can visit this website to learn more about applying for a fall semester position.

"We are so proud of our students and we are looking forward to a successful 2015-16 calling campaign as alumni and parents get accustomed to receiving a call from us," said Tony Gregorio, executive director of university advancement. Calls will resume on August 26, 2015. Click here to learn more about opportunities to support UNO.