Sunday, April 19, 2015

The University of New Orleans Student Government Hosts Proud Privateers Recognition Banquet

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“Our advisor, LeeAnne Sipe, always talks to us about having an ‘attitude of gratitude’ and says that if we look for positivity, we will always find it. It got me thinking about the people here who have really made my life better at UNO and what we could do to let them know we appreciate them,” said Student Government Vice President Jessica Willis, of the event.

“I brought the idea to the SG execs and President Teagle agreed to fund Proud Privateers.”

Student Government executive officers, senators, justices and committee members were invited to nominate one or two individuals at the University who have made positive impacts on their collegiate experience. Twenty-one students nominated 25 faculty and staff as “proud privateers” to be recognized at the banquet.

Nominees enjoyed dinner on March 15 seated next to the students who nominated them and received a certificate in recognition for their positive efforts.

“Having students write nomination letters encouraged them to be more reflective,” said LeeAnne Sipe, assistant director of student involvement at UNO and an advisor to Student Government. “Some of the nominations were really heartwarming, so we were sure to include them on the certificates that the nominees received.”

Nancy Easterlin, a UNO research professor of English and professor of women’s and gender studies, was nominated by IDS Senator Michelle Lepori.

“All of us were very grateful and appreciate the thoughtfulness of the student representatives who felt this was an especially appropriate honor during this trying time for UNO,” Easterlin said.

Given the event's inaugural success, the UNO Student Government hopes to establish and continue hosting the Proud Privateers Recognition Banquet as a longstanding campus tradition, Willis said.

The following faculty and staff were recognized at the banquet: