Monday, December 14, 2015

Newest Issue of UNO Magazine Now Online and in Print

UNO Magazine Fall 2015 coverThree outstanding University of New Orleans engineering students travel home to Nepal following a devastating earthquake with a plan to design and build homes for people who lost everything.

A UNO alumna immerses herself in the study of a salamander, changing what we know about North American water quality and laying the groundwork for a new job overseeing conservation at one of the nation’s leading zoos.

Those are just two of the stories featured in the fall 2015 edition of the University of New Orleans Magazine, now online and being delivered to mailboxes across the United States this week.

A production of UNO’s Office of Communications, Public Relations and Marketing, the 52-page publication highlights many of the most notable accomplishments and news items from New Orleans’ only public research university.

Among other magazine highlights:

* A farewell look at the work of departing UNO President Peter J. Fos.

* A profile of new UNO provost John Nicklow, tracing his path from the U.S. Public Health Service to leading academic affairs in New Orleans.

* A roundup of the incredible new musical releases by UNO’s talented alumni, faculty and students.

* A spotlight on an inventive arts administration course that aims to build understanding between artists and the people who manage them.

* A look at UNO athletes’ remarkable public service record, one that has garnered national recognition.

And that doesn’t even begin to describe the incredible faculty accomplishments chronicled in the pages of this magazine. From chemistry professor Matthew Tarr’s National Science Foundation grant enabling him to research the transformative power of sunlight on an oily water surface to engineering professor Norma Jean Mattei being appointed to lead the American Society of Civil Engineers, the great work of UNO’s outstanding educators highlighted in the current issue of UNO Magazine serves as a reminder that UNO provides national leadership across disciplines.

“The University of New Orleans remains a special place that occupies a singular role in the city and the region,” writes Fos in the issue’s opening letter. “Metropolitan New Orleans is on an upward trajectory and I am confident that the University will continue to be a significant contributor to the economy, culture and quality of life of the region.”

A read through this issue leaves little doubt.